GPUs And ASICs - A Never Ending Battle For Mining Supremacy

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What is the point of that? And blah blah blah. I mean come on there is a difference and there is some importance to it. Well here you have it, basically the ASIC miniers are only good for the short run, and yes you can make your investment back, however they are loud, noisy and get super hot.

On top of all that they wont last forever. ASIC Chips are designed for a particular algorithm. Which bitcoin mining asic vs gpu compare that once the mining has surpassed a certain difficulty, they basically are a piece of junk which is consuming way too much electricity compared to their revenue. Another notable point is that ASIC Miners are way too focused, hence their name application specific integrated circuit, they know only one thing and do only one thing, and when it becomes obsolete, they become obsolete too.

On the other hand GPU Mining rigs. Well you are first of all having a computer. The only difference with this computer is that it is an overpowered beast of a computer with multiple GPUs. The use of having multiple GPUs not only helps you process video editing smoothly but you can be having games run at ultra high settings. GPU Mining you have a computer, when mining on bitcoin mining asic vs gpu compare become unprofitable, you still bitcoin mining asic vs gpu compare a computer which you can use for other things.

GPU can be sold and you can always get some money back in return. But one of the main things about GPU rigs is that you get the joy of building something and that give you satisfaction! When I first built my GPU Rig I was so excited that it brough back the good memories of my teenage days when I used to build computers.

Obviously those days are old, but the main thing is that today we are building something for ourself, and ASIC miners bitcoin mining asic vs gpu compare basically helping the corporate world make money off of you!

As my good friend CryptoMined once told me, why should we let the giant Corporate make the most of the decentralized Cryptocurrency? Because that is against the point of cryptocurrency and block-chain technology where everything is all about becoming decentralized. Everyone should have the pleasure of supporting the block-chain technology by being the block chain and being the miner. Yes not everyone can afford but those that can they make the technology better.

My question is here https: Well lets get to know a little about each one of them. No way you can have them indoor. They are super hot, and need a cooling system. Needs a separate Computer to run them. Need to buy separate power cables.

Only one algorithm mine-able. Once the difficulty is run out, its a junk Well here you bitcoin mining asic vs gpu compare it, basically the ASIC miniers are only good for the short run, and yes you can make your investment back, however they are loud, noisy and get super hot.

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