Cardboard Spider (DIY Quadruped)

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Hi friends, I'd like deek robot nano share with you this little project using Blynk and Local Server. I have been enjoying a lot doing it. Thanks for this huge program called Blynk!!! The power supply is just two Li-ion Batteries 3. I'm really happy with this shield, It works really well.

The code itself is really simple, using 2 Joysticks and a Large Slider I can control the movement forward, backward and turn on the left and right. Deek robot nano use the Slider to fix the speed the Slider works between and This way my daugther can play with the robot easily. Pasted image x KB. Pasted image x 93 KB. That, my friend, freaking awesome! Also a very nice way to get more girls involved with technology! Unfortunately deek robot nano a fact of life, we need more women involved in technology to keep up with everybody.

My wife usually has great ideas, just not the means to execute them from a technological point of view. It's a waste to let that all go to waste, sort of speak. Lichtsignaal,thanks for your comments, she loves my "gadgets" and I enjoy showing her what I do just for fun.

Thanks for sharing, Jose. I deek robot nano it on our FB page and will do the same on Twitter! I'm amazed deek robot nano fast the communication between tha app and robot is. Can you please direct me to a decent set up guide for the pinout on the small shield you made and a good source for the Esp's. I hope it helps. Yes, you can do that, but the ESP needs more power then the Nano can deliver. If you take power from the Nano you possibly blow up your Nano. I've done similar things but I'd highly recommend a separate powersupply.

My local Blynk projects seem to run way more stable with those. You can get really cheap adjustable dc-dc convertors or get 1A 5v powersupplies combines with pre-made 5v to 3. As I don't know one end of a deek robot nano iron from the other I think I might buy complete modules.

Any recommendations for small project cases already received deek robot nano, reliable and cheap? These are the ones I got from Ebay. They even appear to work with voltages as high as 8v input without blowing up. This is exactly what I deek robot nano been searching for. I am using the nodemcu in stand alone mode, but I believe your code will deek robot nano. I can then start working on the differential steering some more.

By the way im using these batteries: I wanted to use the Nodemcu as you but my Windows 7 64 bits doesn't like it I wasn't able to install properly the drivers for CP It's a deek robot nano Now I've done other little board to play with an Arduino Pro Micro and Blynk, the size compared to the Nodemcu is really similar:.

I have done it both ways at this point. It is already built into the NodeMCU so you wouldn't need it. The NodeMCU can be used in the same way, but you can also add libraries to Arduino IDE and program the ESP directly like you would the Arduino, cutting down your project cost and simplifying your circuit depending deek robot nano your specific goal at the time.

I think there are definitely situations where you want both to take advantage of different strengths of each board. By the way, I am using Windows You may want to look into it. It is a lot more maker friendly since Microsoft is looking deek robot nano incorporate support for Arduino IDE support into their platform moving forward. Please, keep in mind I'm just a beginner I'm really happy with this shield, It deek robot nano really well You can see below my code: So simple, but effective.

Hi Costas, The small Shield is based on the next set up: Thanks for the schematic psoro. I will work through it as soon as possible.

I was looking at the same a couple of hours ago 2 for a dollar incl delivery. Now I've done other little board to play with an Arduino Pro Micro and Blynk, the size compared to the Nodemcu is really similar:

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