Bitcoin Alternative 'Dogecoin' Hacked, 21 Million Coins Stolen

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Take two of 's biggest Internet sensations -- bitcoins and the Shiba Inu puppy nicknamed " Doge " -- and smash them together. What you get is Dogecoina virtual currency that dogecoin hacker news hacked during the holidays.

The hack caught Jackson Palmer, a co-founder of the currency, by surprise. He and the other co-founder of Dogecoin, Billy Markus, are looking to beef up security in the next month, Palmer added. Even though the idea of dogecoins started as a joke, Dogecoin hacker news said, it has grown in popularity.

A single dogecoin might only be worth a fraction of a penny, but Palmer does see it being useful as a currency, though maybe not in the real world. Facebook's transparency efforts heavily criticized ahead of Irish abortion referendum. Twitter warns users to change their passwords. More than YouTube channels promote academic cheating site: Hawaii volcano has oozed hot lava for decades.

Microsoft CEO says 'privacy is a human right'. Egypt approves law to govern popular ride-hailing dogecoin hacker news. Brazil court tells Microsoft to ease data-sharing opt-out.

UN experts fear Polish clampdown on dissent at climate talks. Millions of tweets spread anti-Semitic messages. Hawaii volcano destroys dozens of homes, forces evacuations. China's ZTE seeks end to ban on buying American technology. Attorney general vows to break up immigrant families crossing border illegally.

George Zimmerman charged with stalking man working on Trayvon Martin documentary. Pelosi says Democrats have cash and dogecoin hacker news to win Dogecoin hacker news. Woman accusing Missouri's governor of invasion of privacy will be allowed to testify.

Trump could take the 5th Amendment or not comply with subpoena to testify: John McCain showing 'maverick' spirit even as he battles brain cancer. Stormy Daniels' lawyer slams Giuliani's defense of Trump as a 'train dogecoin hacker news. Trump's coming war on Mueller: If you support women and not new CIA director you're a 'hypocrite': President Trump says a government shutdown may be needed to get border wall.

Melania Trump to keep focus on children as she formally rolls out policy priorities.

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